The Art of Union Tantra Meditation Retreat

A spiritual journey, an escape into your own being, Experience expansion of consciousness, liberate yourself.

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The Art of Union Tantra Meditation Summer Retreat 'The Heart Opening' Lake Tawakoni Texas.

This Meditation and Wellness Retreat is facilitated by Mystic Mandala Plano. Perfect for Couples rekindling their relationship, Friends who are seeking a deeper understanding of self and relationships and or an individual Meditator on the Journey of self-transformation - All whom are seeking to dive deeper into a spiritual awakening. The Ranch and Retreat Conference Center offers 550 acres of lake views, wildlife, deer and nature. There are hundreds of acres of open pastures, and hundreds more of mature forests. The sun rises over the lake and sets over the land. ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE INCLUDES: * Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals and Cooking Classes. -Prepared Fresh Vegetarian (Vegan options Available) * 90 Minute Discourses - Learn and immerse yourself into the practices and rituals of Tantra - unlike the publicized misconceptions - Tantra is a way of life, it is mindful intention work, self-realization and expression. * Welcome ceremony * Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing * Kirtan - Mantra Chanting * Drum circle * Tantric Dance * Yoga * Each participant will be provided a book with all meditations and chants listed in it, and a T shirt. The Art of Union - A blend of classical Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism, non-dual Tantra, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Taoist Tantra), together with modern psychology, holistic practices and ancient rituals. The Art of Union retreats are structured to engage, encourage and compel you to put theory into a daily practice in your own customized way, but based on ancient techniques. The retreat allows you to explore Yoga, Ayurveda, Ancient rituals, tantric ceremonies, Mindfulness techniques, Mudra and bandhas, gives you time for integration, to embody the theory, along with the concepts and practices we teach.


Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals

Ayurvedic Meals and Cooking Classes. In addition to the five earthly elements and the three doshas, there are also six tastes in the Ayurvedic kitchen – Learn how to both cook and eat traditional Ayervedic foods. -Prepared Fresh Vegetarian (Vegan options Available)

Meditation Discourses

90 Minute Discourses - Learn and immerse yourself info traditional tantric philosophy - unlike the publicized misconceptions - Tantra is a way of life, it is mindful intention work, self realization and expression.

Student Course Certification

8 Hour Tantra Certificate of Attendance **Applied to the 40hr Tantra Student Certification

Sound, Music and Dance

Under the Texas sky, experience sound healing and Yoga Nidra every evening in review of the evenings meditations, music, dance and teachings. Dance and Music have a way to the soul - Shamanic Drum Circle and Tantric Dance to up beat the vibration of movement meditation.

Nature Walks and Star Gazing

Located on a private lake with walking trails, lake views, docks and animal watching points. This beautiful escape allows for nature integrated meditations. Stupa building Zen meditation, Walking Buddha meditation and star gazing sound bath.

Lodging and Retreat Center

*Both shared and individual Accommodations available. The Ranch and Retreat Conference Center offers guests beautiful views of Lake Tawakoni and the natural forest surrounding it on over 500 acres.

The courses we create cover many facets of Tantra

Art of Union - Fundamentals of Tantra

History of Tantra and Tantric core principles Tantric Ceremonies of honoring the self Mindfulness in relations Cultivating and trusting your intuition for intimacy The Feminine Principle in Tantra - Shakti The Masculine Principle of Tantra - Shiva

Tantra and Mindfulness

The Healing and Transformational Power of Breath - Pranayama Pranayama techniques Breathwork and the cosmic union Breathing exercises for Couples

Tantric Practices

Rituals to Release Trauma Grounding and birthing practices Transformational mantras Consecration of Deities and Yantras Heart expansion Ancestral Healing - Pitra Dosha

Healing Practices and Energy work

Awaken the seven centers - Chakras Healing trauma and Grounding A Path to Healing Your Inner Child Compassionate Communication Our Bodies Wisdom - Ayurveda Doshas Connect to the Feminine divine within Masculine and Feminine EnergiesHealing Masculine distortions Healing Feminine distortions Healing sexual energy Awakening sexual energy

Vijay Moksha


Ananda Kripa