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    Relationship Coaching

    1 hr | $375 (Pay later)

    When to Seek Relationship Vastu Shaastra Just as the home has 9 quadrants as do we. If you separate your life into 9 equal parts you will find a quadrant for Wealth, Love Relationship, Family, Friendships, Health, Spiritual growth, Future, Fame and Reputation. Many people believe that you should only seek relationship Vastu when matching charts for couples who plan to marry and when separation or divorce are looming. But that is often relationship therapy should begin as soon as the communication or interests change in a relationship. Here are some signs that you might benefit from a consultation: You have trouble expressing your feelings to one another You have one or more unsolvable disagreement There is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions A stressful event has shaken your daily life You have trouble making decisions together You experienced infidelity, addiction, or potential abuse You want a stronger relationship In this 1 hour session Vijay will work on the chart of each individual prior to the appointment and offer solutions based on the components of Vastu and intuitive guidance.