Located in the heart North Texas. Mystic Mandala is an organization that provides holistic approaches to health, wealth and wellness. For over a decade, Vijay Moksha and his team have helped thousands to reach their dreams.

Vijay Moksha Founder at Mystic Mandala | Philanthropist | Meditation
Guide | Life & Wellness

Born and raised in simple surroundings in North India, Vijay demonstrated a uniquely independent approach to life, and had the opportunity to be in the presence of several spiritual masters and guides. His father, a spiritual aspirant and seeker, had a deep impact on his thoughts at a very early age and eventually, while pursuing a career in the world of fashion, a world of glamour and objectification, he was constantly reminded of a deeper longing, a desire for the pursuit of inner knowing and eventually the shift gradually happened many years ago when he reached a moment of Satori, a realization, while sitting in his favorite chair at his home - A dawn like none other.” I lost all connection with my past, all involvement governed by insecurity or emotions, and a deep sense of relief came over me.

Since then as a spiritual guide, for over a decade, he has been engaged in helping people in achieving their dreams, realizing ambitions, and living well rounded lives utilizing the principles of Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Intuitive Guidance and Meditation.

He has worked with hundreds of people to help them self heal. He teaches, among many things, that our thoughts, our actions in the world gradually diminish our ability to see ourselves, to recognize the tiny inner flame of consciousness.

As he continues his transcendental journey towards liberation of self and others, towards Moksha, he has come to be known by the same name - Moksha.

Ananda Kripa Director Mystic Mandala| Life and Business Coach | Registered Yoga Therapist | Philanth

Ananda Kripa meaning “blissful blessing”, offers foundational support to Moksha Vijay as Guru Ma of the organization.

An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Visionary, Dreamer and Advocate, she's a girl who sought for belonging and found hers by bridging the gap between “the us and them.” Ananda thrives by seeing life through the eyes of her daughters Jamuna, Tulasi and her beloved Shitzu's - Luna and Kylo

With 15 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, working with established chains as well as being included in the starting teams for culinary top line celebrity chefs like Stephen Pyles.

Over the years she spent observing the finer nuances of serving the needs of premier clientele and patrons she transitioned into her passion - the world of fashion, where she combined her sense of design with her social cause of providing a livelihood to others. This led her to start a garment factory in India where the fine cotton high fashion one of kind clothing would adorn women and children here in the United States - Mata and Me, her brand was born. She ran the business for five years, utilizing Social Media for advertising and learned the art of Social Media presence which gradually made her transition towards running her own Social Media company as she took on a role of a Social Media Influencer.

As a young girl she sought spirituality and ascension becoming a sadhaka of many faiths. On her quest of enlightenment, through Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Zen, yoga and finally Krishna consciousness she finally found her beloved deity, a form of a blue boy, with a flute and always surrounded by music, love and dance. After her life- long aspiration of visiting his birthplace Vrndavana with Moksha Vijay she knew she had found her purpose.

“So we start over again, each day, each moment, each breath and awake to the new life we will create. To be living is to be in love and to be in love is to surrender to your heart space.”